Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Monday, August 31, 2015

Change number 9/16!‏ (August 24, 2015)

Hey all!

So this week is the start of the 9th change of my mission and I will be staying in Corona Sueca with Elder Tulipano until October it looks like!  It should be a good time, however we are both working on keeping up the good spirits due to our knees and our other fun problems.  We did a lot of paper work recently so that Elder Tulipano can be in Chile legally and that took all of one day, we also had physical therapy for him and X rays for him and we`re just sick of things other than the mission.

However this last week we have had a big focus on Courage.  It was the theme of our most recent Ward Conference (yesterday) and it has gotten me thinking a lot.  I`ve asked myself what is courage in my own words? I haven`t found an exact answer, however it has a lot to do with faith.  We act based on our faith that we know that the Lord will do His part if we go out of our way to do something that we wouldn`t be able to do without His divine help.  We need to work to have courage in all our life.  I would like to invite all people to take courage and act upon the promise that the Book of Mormon gives us.  Read it, ponder it`s message and what it tells you, and ask if it is the truth.  For if you do the Lord will answer you.  This I know by experience.  You will find an answer to your question.  And if it isn`t right, nothing will happen, you will just have a stronger testimony in the fact that the Lord answers prayers, if it is right, it is the most important message in the world.  

I want you all to know that it is true, and that it contains the fullness of the Gospel.  I know this, and I want you all to reap the benefits of that.  I love you all.
Con amor,
Elder Forsgren

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