Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week To Many (March 23, 2015)

Hello all,
So this week was interesting.  I`ve been congested most of it, but that`s fine because it`s happining due to the cooling of the weather here!  We`re under 30C degrees finally!!  I`ve just had to work harder to make up for the annoying health problems.  One really nice thing was one day we decided to knock one of the 30ish apartment blocks in our sector and it was really really good!!  We had 4 people invite us back at other times and they were so nice!! 
So this week I was asked to give a talk in church (my first in this ward) and I decided to talk about the talk President Uctdorf gave in April of the past year "Are you sleeping through the Restauration" and it really opened my eyes.  I decided to talk a fair amount about how the restauration still is happening today.  I looked at the stats of the church and my mind was blown!  I read about how there are more than 29 thousand wards or branches in the world and all I could think about is how there were 7 when Alma organized the church in Mosiah 18:24.  there are also more than 100,000 missionaries both full time and service missionaries.  It used to be that the only ones were the 4 sons of Mosiah.  In the Bible, Christ had very few members of the church he established, now we number more than 15 million.  It`s such a privilage to be in this epoca and we will want to say that we took part in it in the end.  This should be our first priority.  Nothing can get in the way.
This week I was also teaching the english class that we do every week and we only had one woman come to the class (a less active that i`ve become good friends with now) and it was amazing to watch her progress.  she`s made time for both the english classes and church two weeks in a row and it`s just amazing to watch her attitude change for the better!!  I`m loving this ward and the help I can give to it.  One of the recent converts in this ward (who is the most active recent convert I`ve ever seen) is the YMs president!  he`s completely changed the young men of the ward! 
So I hope all of your weeks are really good and I hope you`re all enjoying the changing tempreature as well!
Con amor,
Elder Forsgren

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