Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Month 7 (March 16, 2015)

Hey all,

So this month I hit my 7 month mark, and so we bought pizza!!  IT was really weird because the pizza that we bought had a few slices missing, so we think someone ate it...  That was fun...  But it was still a fun night!  I`m currently in a house of 4 elders and it`s a lot of fun.  There are 2 Latinos and 2 Gringos and so we are teaching them English.  In this ward I also have to give English lessons...  It`s really weird, I don`t know how to explain English!  It just works in my head...  

So my companion is really cool, he`s from Ecuador.  He was baptised 2.5 years ago, and he`s friends with everyone in this ward because he`s been in the ward for 8 months already.  The sector is a lot different then my last one, it`s bigger and has more people.  The church is smaller here, but the people are so nice!  I`m really enjoying it!

One thing I`ve learned this week is how unity really makes the work easier.  With Elder Gòmez I have been able to teach really well in a few instances, and not so well in others.  The ones where we have taught really well were the ones where we both paid attention, both knew what we were doing and both felt the spirit.  But those we didn`t teach as well in I found were ones where I would think about how his teaching style is weird, or that he needs to fix something and wasn`t paying attention to how I could improve, or how I could help the investigator.  But I`ve learned how necessary it is to always work for the unity between you and your companion.  We`re getting along great and I love being his companion.  I look forward to seeing the success we have in this sector.

I hope all of you have a good week,
Con amor,
Elder Forsgren

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