Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

First Stake Conference in the Mission (August 31, 2015)

Hello to Everyone,

This week was very good, and very long at the same time.  I`ve gone to the doctors again, and they said I`m healing really well, so that helps!  I should be without the brace soon.  We`re teaching a lot, but also searching new investigators.  It was really cool this week because we could meet the goal of the mission for 30 lessons or more in one week even with half our hours, and that all is thanks to the wards efforts to do the activities needed.  

This week was also a Stake Conference, and it was such a great experience!  We enjoyed it thoroughly.  We had the entire stake in one building that was giant!  We listened to the Stake Leaders, the Mission President, and an area 70 from Argentina.  The messages all we based around the Sabbath Day.  It is a focus of the Lord`s in this day an age, and it is one that many people have problems living.  I`ve seen a lot of people who struggle to live the law from God "Keep the Sabbath Day Holy" and really it is difficult, however it is important.  One inspired youth talked about how that Law is inclusive of Saturday and how we prepare for the Sabbath.  We should do everything possible Saturday to prepare us to have the best experience possible and feel the most peace possible Sunday.  The Area 70 then said he loved that she said that and wanted to push it a little further and say we should spend all the week preparing us for Sunday.  So I took this advice and did everything I could to prepare myself the night before.  Saturday night I ironed my shirt, shined my shoes, and prepared my bag.  The next day I only had to shower, shave, and put on my clothes and I could spend all the extra time I had reading the Holy Scriptures, and I felt so much peace throughout the rest of the day.  I testify to you all the truth of this commandment, and invite you all to do what you feel is necessary to make the Sabbath a day Holy unto the Lord only, and not unto anyone else.

I love you all and wish you all a good week.
Les amo,
Elder Forsgren

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