Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week large and daunting number‏ (Week 40)

Hey all,

So this past week for me has been a really good week.  We had the opportunity to place two new people with a baptismal date goal and we are now helping them achieve that goal.  We`ve had very spiritual lessons with both of them.  We also had the opportunity to learn from a Zone Conference early on in the week.  It took all day, but we learned a lot.

With the Zone Conference there were two talks given that were really spiritual and really useful to me.  The first was about being completely consecrated to the Lord.  We were told to focus in on the parts of us that aren`t completely dedicated to doing the work of Him.  We then had another about the importance of contacts.  The mission stopped counting contacts recently and missionaries stopped doing them.  So they told us to reinforce contacting in the streets.  They didn`t just tell us to pick it up, they told us to change how we do it.  Many missionaries (including myself as of recent) contact separately.  One missionary talks to one person while the other talks with someone different.  They told us to start to contact together.  We are companions and we need to work together to have the Spirit with us.  

As I said, This week was really good for me, it was rather normal in terms of lessons, but it was full of opportunities for me to better myself spiritually, and I`ve gained testimonies even stronger in areas I didn`t think of originally.  I hope you all are doing well as well, and hope you all continue progressing in the Plan the our Heavenly Father has presented before us.
I love you all,
Elder Forsgren

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