Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

2nd Conference in the mission!!‏ (April 6, 2015)

Dear all,

So I`ve made it to my second conference in the mission and the president recommended we watch it in our native language so I watched 4 sessions in English and 1 in Spanish.  I was very glad I did it that way because I didn`t understand much from the one in Spanish (the translations don`t help understanding all that much).  I absolutely loved the conference, as I always do.  It is one of my favorite time of the year.  As is Easter which made it all the more special for me because I could celebrate the resurrection of our Savior by listening to the voices of His servants.  I had many answers to many questions, but many of those questions I won`t have to worry about until after my mission...  But the testimonies of the Savior were so spiritual and beautiful.  I love to hear these people who have such a strong testimony bear it for us, because theres so much spirit in what they say.  I was also so happy to hear about the 3 temples that have been announced, specifically Haiti.  I`ve met a lot of Haitians recently and the fact that they are going to have the opportunity to go to the temple soon is fantastic!!  They won`t have to travel nearly as much now.  There are a few Haitians who are here and are enjoying the same privilege as they soon will in their own country.

One theme that was extremely prominent in this conference was that of Families and specifically the ordination of marriage.  All the missionaries found that really funny especially because they told the Young Adults to go get married without delay and we still have to wait a little while to do that...  But they were still beautiful talks.

Now as we know, yesterday was Easter, or "the most sacred day of the year" in the words of Elder Holland.  It is a day to remember what our savior has done for us.  So I ask all of you: Do you all remember?  What has the Savior done for you?  I`m preaching about it here in Chile, especially how rose on the third day so that in whatever situation, in whatever position you`re in, in whatever mood you are in, He can and will be with you if you so wish.  He knows exactly what you need, and exactly what you desire.  He helps give you strength to overcome your challenges and helps you grow from the work you need to overcome them.  For that is why we have challenges.  They are blessings from God, and Christ gives us the strength to overcome them.  We cannot make it to heaven without Him.  We can`t even come close.  But we can show Him our desire to do it through our works and by doing such he will help us with what we fault.  I love that He has done this for us and I testify that He has.  I`ve worked 18 years for this testimony and it is still small, but it`s undeniably.  I hope your week goes well and that you all enjoy it.
En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.
Elder Forsgren

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