Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Birthday # 1 in the mission‏ (June 29, 2015)

So this week was also very slow full of happenings that don`t normally happen, and a few trips to the doctor too many.  However it contained my birthday and that was so much fun!!!  I`m now 19 (que raro...) and I don`t actually feel any different...  But I`m really enjoying life here.  This week yet again we couldn`t teach much due to medical complexities that we can`t control, so we`re just chuggin` along, teaching in the little time we`re allowed, or not in the doctors office.  But lucky me, a few friends in the ward planned a surprise birthday party for me and it was a lot of fun.  They covered it up by saying that the bishop was mad at us and wanted to teach us the correct way of doing something.  I believed it, and was really nervous the entire day.  But when the time came, there was a change of plans...  And that clued me in a little.  But the part that I absolutely loved was for my birthday they gave me a framed photo of me and my parents not long after my birth, and me on my 10th birthday.  I am so happy to have that!!

So this week we`ve managed to help out a lot of people even despite our previous problems with health and a few surprise ones.  And we`re both really in good spirits!!  We`ve seen a few results of our work, and we`ve really felt the Spirit guiding us, and God has helped us in ways I can`t explain at times.  I know that this work that we`re doing is the work of the Lord, and I know He is watching over us in this time we have here and all of our lives.  I`m so grateful to be sharing these blessings with other people here in Chile, and I love to do it.
Que les vayan bien,
Elder Forsgren

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