Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week +1 (AND SPENCERS BIRTHDAY!!!) {Week 33}

Dear peoples,

So I`m going to start off by wishing my little brother a grand birthday:
Entonces, This week we had a baptism!!!!!  The baptism was of a little 10 year old girl who my comp has been teaching for a good while.  Her family are members, and her mom is less active, so she wasn`t baptized.  But when the missionaries started to teach her she wanted to be baptized.  A friend of the family (also Recent Convert) Baptized her.  He is the president of the YM and he`s preparing to go on a mission this summer too!!  

So we also had cold come for the first half of the week.  And it came FAST.  One day we woke up and there was rain and snow on the mountains.  Naturally that same day the water heater broke.  The water was Frozen.  We thought it was just something to do with that day, but when it continued we couldn`t hold it back anymore and we just called the office for them to fix it.  When it happened for the first time my comp. left the bathroom immediately, turned away and slammed the door.  But really for me it wasn`t too big a deal, the cold never bothered me anyways.  

So this week a major news item of Chile is the north (many hours away from me) had a huge flood and the country called a state of emergency.  The reason this is so weird is because this flood happened in the desert...  So there were absolutely no precautions for it.  No one was expecting it.  It litterally just destroyed homes on impact and swept many people away.  The whole country is scared for the people missing.  We actually met one man whose sister lives in that city and he still hadn`t heard from her.  It put things in perspective for me.  I need to be prepared for things like that to happen so I can be ready to help anyone in a second.  I also need to help other people realize the importance of this message we share so that they know whatever happens their family can live forever in the eternities.

That was my week, I hope everyone else had a great one,
Con amor,
Elder Forsgren

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