Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

First Mothers Day gone‏ (May 11, 2015)

Dear Everyone,

So this past week was intense!  So I had the opportunity to Skype home yesterday because of Mothers Day, Our numberes just randomly shot up, and some other things I`m sure happened at one point, but I don`t remember.  The week was really good because of that!

So we started off the week with something that just changed our whole perspective and attitude.  We had an interchange and in that interchange we had 13 lessons in one day, of that 13, 3 were new people to teach for us.  After that day we had a completely different aattitude and we began to have a lot more.  now one thing I`m always wary of is even when there are a lot of lessons, it doesn`t mean that you`re helping anyone, you could have a lot of lessons where you just share a short scripture of about 5 minutes and leave, but we tried not to have many of those this week.  Of our many lessons, we had very few that weren`t very useful for the people we taught.  And of those few they were still needed because we helped strengthen the relationship with people who needed it.  So we`re very pleased with out week.

So this week I found out that Chile does cold.  The people here don`t do cold, but the country does every now and again.  People here hate the cold, and it`s so funny.  At about 45 they wear all their winter clothes.  But like all of them...  We just leave with a sweater and we`re good.  My comp. has some problems with cold, but that`s because he lives in Panama, where cold doesn`t exist.

Yesterday I called home, which was really amazing!  I love that we have 2 times a year to call home, it gives us a new respect for our already beloved families.  I really do love them and I`ve missed them enough!  But after that I was thinking "yeah, I`ll be good until December comes."  Don`t get me wrong, I still miss them, but I filled the memory of what they look like (I had forgotten).

Well I hope that all of you are doing really well, and that you really wished your mothers a Happy Day dedicated to them!  They deserve it, they are angels from heaven.
Con amor,
Elder Forsgren

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