Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Monday, March 2, 2015

2 Marzo - Week 29

2 March 2015

Hey all,

So I didn`t remember the week, so I wrote the date... I feel like this has reached a new level of lost in time...  So this week went really well.  We taught a lot of people and had a lot of help from the Lord with our work!  I really enjoyed this week and enjoyed teaching everyone!  

This upcoming week we are hoping to have a baptism, but we have to finish teaching her, resolve a few confusions she has, and make sure that she`s ready.  The ward has already accepted her as one of their own, which is awesome!  We also had a baptism in our ward this past week!  It wasn`t ours, it was the wards baptism, but it was someone who we`ve been helping for months and he`s finally baptized!  We are very proud of him!  He worked really hard!  His family was all so happy!!

The missionaries in the other ward are currently teaching a man named Steve who is NOT Latino.  He`s Las Angeles through and through and he`s so much fun. He`s one of the few people that we can speak English to and not be breaking rules of the mission.  He finds the rule of only speaking Spanish so funny because when we talk to him we talk in English, but when we talk to each other (all of us are from the US) we speak Spanish.

So this week I`ve had my testimony of Family History strengthened so much.  This past week we shared Family History with the family the recently reactivated and now the daughter is obsessed!  She loves it and I can see her getting closer to her ancestors.  It makes me want to work harder on it!  I love it!

I hope this next week for you all is great!  I love you guys!  
Con amor,

Elder Forsgren

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