Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week 17 I think (It's 16)

1 Dec 2014

Hola everybody,
This past week we had a ton of success!!  We have 4 new people investigating the church and they are all very receptive.  At the same time we are both extremely tired haha but that´s how life works!
So a few weeks ago we knocked on one door that supposedly had a less active family there that we wanted to visit.  However they had apparently moved and someone else’s family lived there now.  So we asked her if she wanted to listen and she said yes but another day.  So we´ve been returning for weeks and she´s never been there, always at work. However one day we went (after telling her father we´d be there on that day again) and she answered.  We asked if she had been told that we were going to return and she said something along the lines of "no, but I knew you´d come eventually" but not in a bad way, more like she had been waiting for us to come.  So we talked to her and she seems really interested.  And the fact that she hadn´t forgotten was new for me.  

In one week we have gone from having 3 people to teach to having around 7 and we are working hard to help them all.  I love the people that we teach, they are all so happy to have the Gospel in their lives!  
I´d like to share with you all my testimony that I know that through honest, sincere, and loving prayer our Father in Heaven will answer our questions and help us.  It may not be how we expect, or how we want, but we can always turn to our Heavenly Father for help.  That is what happened this week.  It was fitting that it was the week of Thanksgiving because believe me, we certainly gave thanks to God for ALL his help that he gave us.  

On a slightly different note, today we went to a place in our mission that sells good quality stuff really cheap and if you buy a lot of them you get them cheaper.  It was so cool!!  My companion and I both bought watches and matching ties because we both needed a watch and ties were about $1 a piece!!  We had a lot of fun.  Then ate at Taco Bell again haha.  

I love you all and bid you farewell.
Con amor,

Elder Forsgren

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