Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week ummm..... mom says 23 so 23‏

Hello everyone!!

So this week was very cool, we worked a lot!  We had a lot of meetings and things we had to do that got in the way of working, but we still had a lot of lessons for the little amount of time we had!  I must give a lot of credit to my awesome companion, of whom is always working!!  I`m trying to become more like him and always stay on focus of what I need to be doing!!  It`s working.  I`m working.  We`re working. And we`re happy!!

Yesterday was my first day ever playing the piano in front of a meeting on a Sunday.  It was fun!!  I only know 6 hymns though, and they only wanted me for 1.  But I will be practicing in the church today to learn hopefully at least 3 more!!  It`s so much fun!!

So this week we had a Zone Conference which was really cool!  But at the same time a lot of the missionaries weren`t too happy.  Recently we have been told we are not to drink caffine in the mission.  That`s not a church rule, it`s a rule of the mission president, but I personally like it.  It does help that I don`t drink it too much anyways...  But also at this zone conference we watched the movie Meet the Mormons, which is such a cool movie!!  I loved to see the people in it and how the church has blessed their lives so much!!  I`d recommend it to everyone.

Actually this movie has changed my perspective on talking to people.  The problem I have here is I see people in the personal state (judging them) which I should not do!  Instead I`ve been trying to picture them with all the blessings they could have if they just had this message.  The blessings of making covenants with the Lord, the happiness it brings, the blessings on the family.  That`s one of the ones I`ve been focusing on a lot actually!!  Family!  God loves us and because of his perfect love for us, he gave us families.  Families are here to give us happiness, to help and support us, and to love.  And when we are following in His path, he will bless our families.  I have seen that growing up all my life!  I know that families are esscential to His plan, and I know he loves the system of the family.  I love my family and I hope you all love yours too.  I hope you all have an amazing week, and I love you all.  In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Con amor,
Elder Forsgren

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