Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week 24 and end of my 3rd transfer‏

26 Jan 2015

Hello all,

So this is the beginning of my 4th of 16 transfers in the mission (I just found out this past week that they are called Transfers in English, not changes...) I still have not moved from this ward, and Elder Larson is still my companion.  I will spend about 1/4 of my mission in this one ward and it`s so cool because I`ve seen the progress it has had!!  I love watching this ward grow slowly, and the people are so nice!!

So one of the major things that my comp and I focused on this week was finishing the transfer well, and it`s great that we worked on that.  We had so much success and we did so much!  We had the opportunity to go to the Temple with a few of our investigators who are going to be baptized soon, which was so amazing!!  They really enjoyed it and we`re going to teach them again later today.  We also found a lot of inactive members just at random.  We knocked on houses and they told us something along the line of "it`s been so long since my baptism" and it surprised us because we didn`t know they were members, but after further questioning we found out they were.  It`s amazing how the Lord guides us to people who we never expected to find.  Just yesterday we went to visit a less active member, but she wasn`t home.  We were a little bit annoyed because we hadn`t visited her in far too long, but we decided to go visit another.  On the way, we found one lady who we talk to on the streets a lot and she asked if we could come in and say a prayer with her family.  If we had had the lesson with the less active member, we would not have encountered her.  The Lord has done that a lot for us.  We have one lesson that is important canceled and then we find out later that if we had the lesson we couldn`t have helped someone else.  

This week has been great for me, and I hope it has been amazing for you all.  I leave you all with my testimony of how true this church is, and the Christ knows us perfectly and knows exactly how to help each and every one of us.  He loves us beyond our belief as does His Father, our Father, does too.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Con amor,

Elder Forsgren

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