Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week 18 and the start of my 3rd Change

15 Dec 2014

Dear Everyone,
Today marks the beginning of my 18th week, second change, and Saturday was the start of my 4th month here!!  AND SATURDAY WAS MY LITTLE BROTHER, NATHAN´S, BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!  Happy Birthday Nathan!!  I hope you enjoyed your birthday!!!  

So I am now with my 2nd companion in the mission field, but I stayed in the same sector, so I´m currently leading the sector, but he is the compaƱero mayor.  He is also my District Leader.  His name is Elder Larson, and he seems really cool!!  My last companion was sad to leave, and he left to be the Zone Leader of a different zone, so he´s stressed.  But he will do great!!!

I´m sorry I haven´t sent pictures recently, but my camera deleted mine somehow, so I currently have around 10 pictures of my entire mission...  It´s really annoying.  I´m going to try and send a few this week, but we´ll see if it works.  

So this past week we worked really hard with very few results, but we know the value of hard work and we set ourselves up well for the upcoming week.  We also said goodbye to Elder Nelson (an awesome Elder from Provo UT who was the Assistant to the President when I first got here)  He and I became good friends and I´m going to miss him.  One thing I love here is how quickly everyone becomes friends.  It´s just so awesome how many friends I already have here!!  It helps that we can feel the Spirit of the Lord guiding us all every day, and we can feel it in the other missionaries.  I love having the gift of the Holy Ghost with me while I am here, I´m so blessed to have it.  And I am glad I have the experience to see how it helps other people here too.  I testify that the Holy Ghost is a gift from God and the through the Holy Ghost "you may know the truth of all things" (Moroni 10:5).

I wish you all a great week, and hope you all are enjoying your winter, while I enjoy the summer.
Con amor,

Elder Forsgren
1st Companion Elder Gardner

2nd Companion Elder Larson

(Companion information added by Susan and questionable in it's correctness)

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