Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week 19

22 Dec 2014

Hey everyone!!

This week we had so much happen in just one week it was insane!!  To start our, we´ve been sharing the message He is the Gift with almost everyone in preparation for Christmas!!  Also my companion works so hard it´s so weird!!  I thought we were working hard before he came and now I´m so dead tired it´s awesome!!!  And we also had 3 baptisms in our stake yesterday!!!!  It was so amazing!!!!  And finally there was an awesome Stake activity yesterday!!!

So to start off, my companion is probably one of the most obedient missionaries I´ve ever met.  I´ve been trying to keep up but it´s so hard to do!!  I´m loving it, but for the first few days I was having trouble thinking good thoughts of him because he changed just about everything.  But yesterday I got to see the fruits of what he was doing and I just felt the Spirit so strongly when I noticed.  I´m trying to follow his example as best I can, and I´m seeing so many blessings.  It´s amazing.

We also had 3 baptisms in our stake yesterday, and one of them is someone I´ve been working with since my first week in the mission!!  It´s so amazing to see how he has changed!!  I´m truly amazing to see his progress and I know that he could not have done it without the divine help from God.  He´s been searching for the Gospel all his life and when he found it he devoted himself to it.  And one thing I know to be true now: It was not us teaching him; it was God teaching him through the Spirit, we were just the tools.  I noticed that early on, because without the Spirit there he did not progress, and he did not want to either.  When the Spirit was with him he changed everything.  He´s doing so well and he has such a strong testimony.

And lastly we had a Christmas Stake activity that was amazing and all the wards sang a different Christmas Hymn.  At the end we watched the He is the Gift video.  I felt the spirit so strong as did everyone else.  I´d like to invite you all to watch the video and then try doing what it says: Discover the Gift, Accept the Gift, and the Share the Gift.  It will bring blessings upon you, I promise you all that, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder Forsgren

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