Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week 17 For Real

8 Dec 2014

Dear everyone,
This week was a very long week.  We had a lot of lessons, but we don´t feel like we´ve had that much success.  But we had some really fun intercambios.  One where we were given permission to stay up later and sleep in so that we could help one family move.  We worked until roughly midnight and it was soo long!!  But the family is so happy with their new house.
Speaking of families, our first counselor in the bishopric had a family get together yesterday and we had a lot of fun!  They fed us a ton of really good steak.  It was really nice to see them all acting so happily as a family!!  I loved seeing them all together, joking around, having fun!!  I know that families are central to God´s Plan and I love to see families who are all happy together!!    I know that families can be together forever and live with their Father in Heaven and all we have to do is what the scriptures say to get there.  It isn´t that much in comparison to how many useless stuff people do now a days.  We just have to work a little.
I love you guys and am praying for all of you!!  
Con amor,
Elder Forsgren

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