Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Thanksgiving gone, December is here!‏ (December 2, 2015)

Thanksgiving gone, December is he


I hope you all enjoyed your holiday of gratefulness, I really did.  My companion made me some eggs and hot dogs so we did have a feast in the end.  Actually, the ward in our stake that has the Senior missionaries had a huge party!!  I wish we had too...  However I´m very grateful for the opportunity I have to spend Thanksgiving working for the Lord.  There isn´t a better way to spend it.  

So the last week went by really slowly because of how few lessons we had.  We almost doubled our number of contacts from the week beforehand because we didn´t have anyone to teach.  However we have begun to see fruits.  We have 6 new people who we are teaching and we all of these new people have a baptismal goal if they receive their answer from the Lord that this message is true.  I´m also seeing a change for the better in my way of teaching now that I can work all the hours of the day (my knee is better).  Because of this problem I have had for such a long time I haven´t taught as many new people as much as just focused on those that we had, however with all the new people we found this week, I "relearned" how to do it.  It actually surprised me (and saddened me a fair amount) how much I had forgotten, so right now I´m working very hard to keep up.  

However it looks like we are going to continue finding more and more people, so I´m excited to be working again. 

I love you all and hope you are enjoying the new Christmas season that has come.  
Con mucho amor,
Elder Forsgren

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