Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Years, Part Two‏ (January 4, 2016)

Hey all,

So this week marked the end of 2015 and the brand new beginning of 2016.  The holiday celebrating the new year is always a time of reflection and change I`ve noticed.  It`s an opportunity to take in stock the experiences we`ve had in the past, but more importantly look with anticipation to the future and the things that are in store.  My companion and I were talking a lot about the potential that this year has and they potential we see in our ward and we were pleased with the progress we`ve seen up until now and we both want to see where things go in the course of the year.

So we`ve enjoyed the week and we are excited to enjoy the year.  I hope you all are too, and hope you all are keeping everything good and cheerful!
Con amor,
Elder Forsgren

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