Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Sunday, May 29, 2016


Hello everyone,
So I`d like to start off this letter with a shout out to the greatest woman I have ever known in my life who this last week turned 41 (I know right? hard to believe, she looks younger) and the poor little girl was sick on her birthday!!  ¡Pobrecita! but anyways, this "little girl" is my wonderful mother, Susan M. Forsgren and I want everyone to know how much I love her and how young she`s turning!  Hope everyone could wish her a happy birthday, and if not, don`t worry it`s not too late, I`m her son and I`m wishing her a happy birthday a few days late!  I love you mostest mom, and hope you`re enjoying your fourth decade!

On the other hand I received news today that I will be coming home a few days later than planned.  Not a problem, it makes it a little closer to 2 years completely.  It gives me a few more days to work in the work of the Lord and the work I love.  

This last week was the best week I`ve had in this ward since I returned to this ward.  We had a boatload of lessens and we had 1 youth just get baptized and 2 adults reactivate in the church.  We saw a lot of less active people come to church again and we enjoyed a lot of service work.  We are really working hard and enjoying our time together.  It`s been great the little time we`ve had together and we`re excited.  We have accomplished a lot together and we are hoping to accomplish even more in the upcoming weeks together.

I hope you all enjoy your week and can achieve much success in all your different stations.
Con amor,
Elder Alex Forsgren

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