Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Long week and Los Andes‏ (January 18, 2016)

Hello to everyone. 

So this week just killed us.  We worked and we worked without much success and with a lot of summer.  We are currently in the middle of vacations here in Santiago so NOBODY is home.  For some reason the Santiaguinos have some law of culture that says that when vacation time comes they must leave Santiago (I don`t blame them) but it makes life really hard when it comes time to visit people.   I`m not very excited, because this week marks the beginning of the holidays, and holidays are in full at the end of February...  These next months are going to kill us.

However on the bright side, we got to teach our Haitian friends a lot this week.  They are all really enthusiastic and excited to learn.  We are teaching one who studies everything we have to say very intently in French and in Spanish.  It`s difficult to teach them because we have to be very prepared, but almost all our studies are for them.

Going back to vacations, my comp and I took a "vacation" today actually.  We went to Los Andes (a place I will probably never go in my mission) about 1.5 hours from Santiago and we went to a little lake and enjoyed some time there.  It was absolutely beautiful and I loved it.  It is a different environment, a lot more tranquil and a lot fresher.  I have hope to return in my mission, but since it`s not close to a hospital, I will more than likely never serve there in my 2 years here. 

Well I wish you all the best, and send you my love from busy Santiago
with love,
Elder Forsgren

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