Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Week something or other‏ (October 26, 2016)

Dear peoples,

So this week we worked a lot!  For the amount of work we did, I feel more tired than I should actually.  Knocking doors shouldn`t take much energy you`d think, but for some reason it kills your legs...  (particularly a knee that already has problems...)  However we`re seeing results.  it was funny, the whole week we have been praying to find new people to teach and that we would be able to work to find them.  We managed to find 5 new people to teach, but none of them came from our own work...  It made me laugh a lot actually.  We have received many references from other missionaries contacting and the people live here, and we`ve had multiple people contact us!  It surprised us that in the end, none of the doors we knocked worked out, yet we still taught a lot of new people!  It was pretty cool.

One thing that I loved this past week was that I strengthened my testimony of the Sabbath Day and the peace it brings to the tired soul.  This Sunday I woke up feeling so energized and so refreshed it was incredible.  Later on in the day I began to feel bad again and so I looked for a way to better my day and I took the advice that the father of President Hinkley gave him: "forget yourself, and get to work"  I finished the day feeling even better than I had started it.  

I love you all and hope that you all have had a peaceful week, and that you will keep going forward with faith.
Mis cariños,
Elder Forsgren

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