Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Saturday, March 5, 2016

I`ve run out of subjects‏ (November 10, 2016)

Hello to everyone!  

So yet another rough week for us, it was long and full of just looking for new people without much success.  I was honestly very stressed throughout the week, but we had a huge highlight of an interchange with the Zone Leaders.  The zone leader that was with me (Elder Wilcox) helped me a lot to feel less stressed while at the same time keep my mind on the sector and how to help it progress.  He showed me a few new ways to look for new investigators and to work with the members better and we are now trying to put them into practice.  
My companion had a rough week though, rougher than I did.  He then had an interview with president, which helped him a lot.  I`ve learned that I need to work on patience a lot.  I`m expecting too much out of him and I`m expecting it now, so I`m now trying to slow things down a little bit to help him ease himself into the mission, not just hit the ground running.  President gave me a lot of good ideas too, so I`m very grateful for that.
At the end of the week I realized how big my testimony is on the leadership called of God.  God calls people to their positions not because they are necessarily the best qualified for that position, save he makes them be the most qualified.  I`ve seen attributes in a few people that did not have those attributes before they were called as leaders.  I`m grateful that I can gain this testimony, because it is a very important one in our humility.
I hope you all have a lovely week, and enjoy that November air, while I enjoy that November smog!
Love ya,
Elder Forsgren

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