Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Saturday, March 5, 2016

14 months!!‏ (October 19, 2015)

Buenos tardes todos,

So I`ve gotten to that point where people ask me "how much time have you been on the mission" and when I say that I`ve been here 14 months the comment on how little time left I have...  I`m VERY uncomfortable with that statement now.  I`ve gotten to a point that I feel like I`m very young in the mission while at the same time I feel way too old.  The only thing left to do is to forget myself and keep on working. 

I`ve been working on that a lot recently.  Making sure to humble myself enough to not focus on myself and to focus on those around me.  I feel a lot better when I do it, but humility is a very difficult attribute to acquire, however it is an important on.  And it leads to charity, the pure love of Christ.  That is an absolute need on a mission, so that is my goal.  To have the charity that Christ has.  

This past weekend we had a Stake conference and it was amazing.  I heard some really spiritual messages that were extremely inspired.  We had one new investigator come to the conference yesterday and he seemed to look at everything from a very business point of view.  It kind of caught me off guard... however even if it caught me off guard he really enjoyed it.  At the end of the meeting I asked him how it went and he said to me "perfect.  I think I`ll come back next week." and a few other short sentences to members and then he left.  It was interesting to hear, however we are very glad to have him.  

Also, because yesterday was mothers day in Argentina, my companion got to skype home yesterday.  It was probably the happiest I`ve seen him since I`ve come here.  It was great to see him so happy.  

Well I hope you all have had a wonderful week and hope that you continue with good spirits at all times.
Con mucho amor,
Elder A. Forsgren

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