Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I've Run Out of Subject Names... (September 7, 2015)

A Grand Hello to Everyone Reading This,

This week was a little long, with a few breaks in working due to badly planned therapy trips, and a last minute performance of the Mission Choir that killed my knee for the rest of the day.  While that was a little annoying, in all we managed to help a lot of people, and we managed to come up with more ideas to work and find new investigators.  That`s where we fault, investigators of the church.  However we don`t let that get our hopes down.  We`re very happy to see the progress that there is, doesn`t matter how much of it there is.  We got to see one brother in the church reactivate himself and has accepted a new calling as a ward missionary.  We are very glad to see his joy in the church again.  

So this week (actually yesterday) I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants 127 where it talks about the registration of proxy baptisms and I got to thinking a lot with that.  I thought "why do we need to registrate the baptisms for the dead? They`re dead" (a little crude way of putting it...) And the answer that I thought would be obvious wasn`t what I thought of.  Looking back I would normally have thought that it has something to do with not doing it for the same person twice, which makes sense, however what I thought of was a quote from Sister Nelson (wife of the President of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles) when they visited our mission in November.  She said "They don`t like to be called dead" and even though I found it funny of her to say at the time, it impressed me a lot.  I got to thinking with that, and I thought hard.  I thought that they still are beings, even if they are only beings in spirit, doesn`t mean that they aren`t living Spirits.  We don`t think about the Holy Ghost as something that isn`t living, but it`s a spirit.  So these Beings should have the registros as well.  They should be recorded as members of the Church of Jesus Christ as well.  I thought even more about what Sister Nelson said and I remembered how much she said that they are begging that we do this ordinance for them.  Without baptism, in it`s correct form, you can`t be save, and really this is a blessing for them and for us.  It brings us closer to them and them closer to us as Malachias says in his ultimate verse.  I know this to be true, I can`t wait to put it into practice again as I go to the temple the last week of this change.  

I love you all,
Elder Forsgren

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