Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Week ??? - Week 14

Hola everybody,

So this week we had a really strange week.  I can´t talk about most of it yet, it hasn´t all worked out completely and has some personal info that I´m not allowed to give out, but it was interesting.  Yesterday we had a taxi driver asking us what certain songs on the radio were saying which was kind of awkward because they weren’t the most appropriate songs. 

So this week I found the difference between getting good numbers and doing a good job.  I went on intercambios (when I go to a different sector for 24 hours and one of their elders comes here) and we had a packed day!!  We had like 5 appointments and only one of them didn´t work out, but they didn´t seem as meaningful as ours seem to.  For example, we just shared a scripture with one and then drank coke and talked for another 30 minutes.  And the entire day was like that.  But what really caught my attention was the lack of contacting we did that day.  We put no time into trying to find new people to teach.  Which is such a stark difference to my sector, where we spend 4-6 hours a day trying to find new people because we don´t have many people interested yet.  I enjoyed being in that sector though, their ward is amazing and they have some awesome lunches with the members!  

So today my companion and I have some plans to go bowling with our district, which will be fun!!  Last week we went to the zoo, which was my first time ever (unless the VA Living museum counts).  I´m loving life here and I absolutely love serving the Lord!  I know that what I´m doing is what I need to be and I know that the church is true which is why I´m here.  I love you all so much!!

Con amor,

Elder Forsgren

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