Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Sunday, November 23, 2014

I Don't Know What Week This Is, But This Is My 2 Month Mark - Week 9


This day marks the second month that I have been here in Chile and the start of a third!!  This week has just flown by!!  

We did a lot of work, which was great!!  Yesterday we were with one sister from church who when we were with her brought us to about 4 different houses for us to talk to people!!  It was really cool!!  I really enjoyed it!!  She was so energetic to help with the missionary work!!  We also had a lesson with some less active members who were really awesome!!  They all discussed the scriptures we read together, they found cross references and just talked about it in general!  We didn´t really have to say much because they were all discussing it amoungst themselves!  

This week we had a lot of lunches with people, and they were all really good, but I always leave extremely full!!  It´s really funny!  And I taught my first lesson on my own, my companion just said "my companion needs to practice his Spanish, can he give a short version of the lesson?" And it went really well! The next day we taught the full lesson completely and together, and it went really well!!  The man, halfway through, turned off the TV of his own accord, and all of a sudden we could all feel the Spirit so clearly!!  It was really amazing!!  I was just bearing testimony that simple things can distract from the Spirit!  
This up coming week we have zone conference about an hour away that will take up almost an entire day!  It should be fun!!

I hope you all have a great week!!

Con amor,

Elder Forsgren

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