Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Week 11

Hola everybody,

This week was full of some interesting news, both from home and here in Chile!!  The saddest is probably that missionaries in our mission no longer can play soccer because they are getting too worked up about it and we´ve had too many injuries, but I understand why, and I am ok with the rule!  I´ll survive haha

Also I have now heard about multiple missions of friends from both the US and from England!!  I´m so excited for all my friends with mission calls, and those who have announced that they want to serve missions!!  You all are going to have a fantastic time!!  I know I am!!  Even with a slight language barrier, it´s really amazing!!

Which brings me to my biggest occurrence of the week!!  I gave a 15-20 minute talk in church yesterday in complete Spanish (that people claim they understood).  It was about how members need to help in the work of missionaries, which is something our ward needs to work on a fair bit.  In the 5 weeks I´ve been here, I´ve had one lesson with a member, and that member was the investigator´s wife.  Now we have had a lot of lessons with less active members, and they are all going great!!  Week after week we seem to have one of the wards with the highest number of less active members in church!  I love the people in this ward.

Also, yesterday I got to participate in the confirmation of the Holy Ghost onto the girl who was baptized last week.  It was the first time I had participated in that, and it was a great experience.  Afterwards, she was just beaming and I could see the gratitude to God on her face.  The Holy Ghost really is such and amazing gift!!  I could not do my job without it!!  I love that it is my companion through every single day!!  I could not live without it.

Finally, Saturday we had one of the weirdest but coolest lessons I´ve had since being on the mission.  A few days before we had contacted this young girl outside her house and she invited us back for Saturday.  So we came back and knocked on the door.  When the mother opened the door she said to us (before we had even said Hola) "¡Hola! ¿Ustedes Quieren jugo?" or "Hi!  Do you want juice?" and then invited us in.  We hadn´t even said anything yet and we were already in the door.  Both of us were slightly fazed.  But we taught a great lesson and hope to visit again on Wednesday!!  

Well this is my report from down south in Chile!  I hope you all are doing really well!!  I love you all!!

Les amo,

Elder Forsgren

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