Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Week 7 - First week in El Campo missional‏


So it has been two weeks since I last wrote!!  And what  long two weeks it has been!!  We had a party in the CCM, and then left for the field!!  I have a ton of pictures, but I left my camera at home today, so next week will have a very large amount of pictures.  

So I have a new companion!!  His name is Elder Garner, and he is my trainer!!  I have learned so much Spanish in one week!!  I´ve talked to a lot of people as well!!  I still have trouble understanding but I can get by!!  My companion is a Gringo (American, but they use it for anyone with white skin) so I still speak a lot of English!  It´s really funny though, people start to forget English after a while!!  I even have trouble a few times!

This week has been really fun!!  We taught a ton of people!!  We´ve been teaching one family of Peruvians a lot, they were all recently baptized and they´re awesome!!

My day is always full of work to do, and I absolutely love that!!  We walk soo much its crazy!!  And we are given so much food!!  I´ve made my own meal 4 times in a week!!  

I love you all!!  Sorry I didn´t write much, the computer I am using isn´t very good, so I´m having trouble with it.


Elder Forsgren

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