Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Week 5 - Last Week at the CCM/MTC

Hola todos personas!!

So before I get into it I must say that I will not be able to email home next week!  I will be able to the week after, however this upcoming Tuesday I will be going out to the field to start actually teaching!!  That´s such a crazy thought!!  I will be teaching people the gospel in one week!!!  

Actually I have already started!!  This week my companions (because I am now a part of a trio of missionaries) and I went out to teach people twice!!  It was so cool!!  But the people all speak Spanish sooooo fast!!!   The first time we went out it was just street contacting, so like 5-6 minutes of talking to people and getting contact information.  That sort of thing!  It went really well!!  The last person we talked to was really excited to meet us and she took a Book of Mormon and we talked about it for a while!!  The people here are all receptive to the gospel and it´s so amazing!!  

The second day we went out we went on splits with missionaries who had been in the field for a while!  It was really cool, however I understood almost no Spanish that day...  But I shared my testimony about every 5 minutes and I was really glad I had that opportunity!!  
The biggest regret I´ve had while being out here is not sharing my testimony with enough people.  While we were on the Subway the other day I was just standing there and I could have talked with so many people, but I shied away and now I feel really bad about that.  I know now to talk to as many people as I possibly can!!

So earlier my companion (Elder Despain) and my district leader (Elder Robbins) both taught an investigator who just came to the CCM and said "I´ve got problems in my life that I need to fix.  I don´t know why.  I know I need to join your church and I´ll do whatever possible."  I can´t tell all the details, but they said it was one of the biggest moments of their life!  My companion has told me how much more his testimony has grown because of this experience!
I love you all and hope you are all doing well!!   You´re all in my prayers!

Con Amor (with love),

Elder Forsgren

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