Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 3 - Halfway through the MTC/CCM

Dear Everybody,

This has been yet another great week!!  Not too much has happened but the spirit has been so present throughout!!  Yesterday my companion and I had a lesson and we invited the mission presedent to join us for our lesson and it went really well!!  I had this awesome lesson I had been translating for 2 days into Spanish and when we got in there the lesson changed so dramatically because she had a few questions about something completely different, but it was so cool!!  My companion was really awesome because he knows Spanish pretty well, and I managed to make it through!!  And afterwards Presedent Doll gave us advice for like 10 minutes!!  I learned so much!!

So While I don´t have too much to say, however I´d like to advise everyone on this one thing; look for how God helps you through your days.  I´ve never seen it as much as I have here, however now I feel the Spirit so often.  Look for small things, like when you help others, think about how God is helping them through you!!  That is God contacting you and someone else at that moment!!  It´s amazing to think of isn´t it??

I love you guys!!
Elder Forsgren

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